Which one is a bigger threat to your data? An external hacker, or a malicious insider lurking within?

It is said that a data breach is not a matter of if, but when. A company is at risk of more than just financial loss in the event of a data breach, there are also reputational damage, operational disruption and possibly even legal ramifications to deal with. Research has shown that insider threats are usually not viewed as seriously as external threats (e.g. cyberattack), but when it happens, in general, insider threats are much more costly than external ones. This is largely because the insider who is smart enough to execute the threat would be able to hide the crime for months or years, sometimes forever. The amount of data stolen over time could be monumental. It is time to approach data protection in a holistic and comprehensive manner if we are to protect our most valuable digital assets effectively.


Our Story

SecurePath is a boutique cybersecurity consultancy firm, specializing in data protection solutions and services.

We have a long history of helping our clients with rolling out data protection solutions and programs, especially in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies. We employ a robust methodology that is proven and repeatable, so that we take the guesswork out of your DLP journey.

What We Do

We build long term trust relationships with our clients.

Security. Trust. Vision. We are in the business of building trust relationships with our clients. Even though it takes longer, trust relationships ultimately bear results that are more positive and impactful. We possess the right skills and experience in helping you with your security requirements in data protection, endpoint and cloud security, as well as risk and compliance solutions.

Data Protection
Data Protection

A complete data protection strategy should cover proper data leakage prevention (DLP), data encryption (endpoints, email, disk), as well as data backup and archival strategies.

Endpoint Security
Endpoint Security

Endpoints are the most vulnerable parts of an organization, it is imperative that you protect it against threats such as malware, ransomware, and other advanced persistent threats.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security

As you embark on cloud adoption, be mindful of the inherent security concerns that cloud brings. Consider deploying cloud-based email and web security (SASE), as well as CASB for your SaaS applications.

Risk & Compliance
Risk & Compliance

Compliance to regulatory requirements is a non-negotiable operational aspect of your security strategy. Ensure you conduct frequent assessments on your overall infrastructure, applications and risk management programs.


Our Mission

SecurePath aims to be the dominant force amongst cybersecurity solutions providers, and be our clients' technology partner of choice in their cybersecurity journey.

With our breadth and depth of experience and expertise, we believe we are uniquely positioned to be the preferred technology partner for our clients in understanding the cybersecurity landscape, and providing the best solutions to address their current and future needs.

Our Clients

Our track record in cybersecurity solution implementations span a wide range of clientele. Contact us for more details.

Credit Services Provider
Financial Institution
Financial Institution
Financial Institution
Financial Institution
Financial Institution
Government Agency

Established 2011

SecurePath is an award-winning firm, established to fill an important gap in the cybersecurity industry, i.e. providing high-quality professional consultancy and implementation services, at an affordable price.

Our journey started with the vision of two cybersecurity practitioners who joined forces to provide quality services in data protection, endpoint security, as well as risk compliance solutions. Over the years, we have helped various clients achieve successful deployments of these solutions, extracting maximum value out of their investments. We continue to support many of them, offering advisory services and updates on the cybersecurity landscape.

Our Technology Partners

We partner with some of the top technology vendors to bring you best-of-breed solutions to address your cybersecurity requirements.


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A services business relies and thrives on a team of dedicated, passionate and committed people who give their best every day to ensure clients' needs are addressed to a high degree of satisfaction. Our team is all of that, and more!

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